Thursday, October 05, 2006

About Me

Lindsey is: 32, even if she's 25.

Lindsey says: 'Like' waaaaay too much.

Lindsey does: the environmental reviews for FEMA preparedness grants. Seriously! FEMA really does do preparedness! Truly. This is not a joke.

Lindsey can: play the baritone, touch her tongue to her nose, get lost while driving anywhere, plan a trip using exclusively the metro, run in 4 inch heels, draw the chemical reaction creating acid rain.

Lindsey can't: whistle, time travel, do math in her head, make it snow (although to make it rain she only has to wash her car), spell supercalifragelisicexper- expi- expy- oh never mind.

Lindsey loves: her husband, her babies, her dogs, her fish, her lizards, her gardens. And spicy food. And cardigans. And shoes, although that's on an entirely different level that might not be called love anymore, and is probably clinically unhealthy and may require treatment including a white jacket and a padded room.

Lindsey hates: crocs, mustard, collard greens, disorganization, unmade beds, dirty dishes on countertops.

Lindsey eats: fish, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables, grains.

Lindsey doesn't eat: red or white meat, and hasn't in 17 years.

Lindsey smells: like Light Blue from D&G or like No. 19 from Chanel. Mostly she smells like a refugee from the Body Shop.

Lindsey watches: Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, Hell's Kitchen, LOST, the original CSI, House, Handy Manny, Deadliest Catch, Hawaii Five-0, and anything with Clive Owen in it, except for Shoot 'Em Up becaust that was reaaaaaally bad. Marathons of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, pretty much everything on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, or National Geographic.

Lindsey reads: the Washington Post, a million blogs, and whatever it currently says on Goodreads.

Lindsey can't leave the house without: making her bed, making sure all bottles and containers are facing the same direction, making sure all the towels are folded correctly, letting the dogs outside to pee.

Lindsey believes: in karma, that she who dies with the most shoes wins, in affordable healthcare for everyone who wants it, in caring for things that can't care for themselves, in preserving what's left of this world for her children's children, that ignorance is more expensive than education, that she's smarter than a fifth grader, in finding solutions instead of band-aids to difficult problems, that the only way to regulate integrity is to have government and businesses open all of their records to the public, and that even then it's questionable.

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