Saturday, August 26, 2006

guys don't make passes at girls with glasses

ta da! the long awaited, brand new, much anticipated coach annabels have finally arrived!

check out my dragonflies! that was the major selling point for me. sooo cute! maybe i'll actually wear them out - i usually wear contacts.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

drool on my shoe

prison break was all new last night. which meant i got to spend a whole hour... watching.
it's one of los's fave shows too, but he actually follows the plot line. now i just have to wait for lost, then my world will be complete.

Monday, August 21, 2006

it's always sunny in philadelphia

we spent the better part of the weekend visiting some friends in philly. hit the nats phillies game, a little bar, and just generally had a grand old time.

Check out the house swing!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

trip to d-town

baby, i'm comin' home. no really. i am!
august 29 to september 4, i will be visiting and los will be, well, counting stoplights and asking if adm always smells this bad.
see you there!

Friday, August 11, 2006

update on the bathroom war

for those of you who haven't been to our place in awhile, you may not know about our Bathroom War.
our bigger bathroom (in the hall, not off of the master bedroom) is, well, old and honestly kinda ugly. this is the bathroom that guests use, and is my bathroom.
above the bathtub was a beige colored plastic lining thing. ask anyone who has had to clean said plastic wall covering, it's a royal pain. the floor tile is okay, but not particularly my taste, and whoever did the floor tile didn't really know what they were doing. the vanity is old. and for some reason when i specified what color i wanted Los to paint the bathroom before we moved in, it translated to 'sad, sterile gray' in his brain.
fast forward to last march, early in the month. Los comes home, all excited because he has come upon this very pretty tile (pale blue, glass) and wants to use it in the shower. okay, i'm all for it. he proceeds to rip out the nasty plastic wall protector, and the nasty walls behind it (didn't protect very well).
and left it.
like that.
for months.
until (angels singing in the background) wednesday. i come home from work, and find -ahhh!- progress!!! the tiles have been set into one wall of the shower.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

disgusted and appalled

did you know that the most effective way to fight rabies is to gather up all dogs within the county of the person who was infected with (and died from) rabies and beat them to death? silly me, i thought that was why rabies vaccinations were so popular.

apparently, in china, they have not heard of vaccinations. twice now, chinese officials have ordered mass culls of dogs in the surrounding areas of rabies outbreaks. obviously they are not aware that other animals also spread the disease, or there would be no animals of any kind in those counties presently. these were not only stray dogs, either. ALL DOGS.

dogs were taken from their homes after searching, taken from owners walking them on leashes, owners were told that if they did not do the deed themselves, officials would come and do it for them. there was no euthanasia, no humane exit from this world. they were brutally, cruelly beaten.

these articles need to be read. people need to be made aware, and people need to step up and take a stand.





Chinese Embassy
2300 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 328-2500/01/02

it only takes one person to make some noise.

Monday, August 07, 2006

a moment of silence

for reasons unknown, God has chosen to take a shining star from here on earth and give her a proper place in heaven.
we remember you with joy, smiles and laughter, just like you would have wanted.

the time you had too much wine at thanksgiving and got the giggles,
how you love flowers, plants and your cats (even though you feed them too much),
you dancing up a storm, even in a conga line, at our wedding,
the pure, unadulterated joy when you look at your grandson,
how you only want happiness for those you love, regardless of what that entails,
the pride so easily read in your face at your son's graduation.

there is a magnet on your refridgerator:
live well
laugh much
love often

we will always miss you.
we will always love you.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i hate tourists.

if you are visiting my part of the country, please keep in mind that i have a normal life to live, which includes getting places, including work, on time.

  • do not walk down the sidewalk five people abreast, then look at me like i shouldn't be coming from the opposite direction. normal people leave enough space on the sidewalk for other people.
  • do not walk slow, or stop completely, in the middle of the sidewalk, where you and your whole family are taking up the entire sidewalk. i do not want to get hit by a maniac taxi while attempting to get around you.
  • yes, i know the speed limit sign on route 66 says 55. but they meant 85. and on i495, they meant 95.
  • if you decide to drive slower than the speed of traffic, drive in the right lane. the left lane is very dangerous for you, considering that if you are rear-ended you will cause a ten car accident that will take days to clear up. and it will be all your fault.
  • if you cannot drive in precipitation (such as rain), reflecting sunshine, or other weather hazards that are apparently unique to the dc metro area, take a taxi.
  • no, i do not know where the duck tour starts. i live here. i don't take tours.
  • iwo jima is in virginia. so are the national airport, dulles airport, the manassas battlefield, the jefferson memorial, and arlington cemetery.
  • when attempting to ride the metro, do not stop for a chitchat at the bottom of the escalator. there are people behind you! do not talk to the locals. they are on their way to or home from work, and do not care about your vacation. and if you're on the metro when i'm on my way to work, the museums are closed.
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