Monday, August 07, 2006

a moment of silence

for reasons unknown, God has chosen to take a shining star from here on earth and give her a proper place in heaven.
we remember you with joy, smiles and laughter, just like you would have wanted.

the time you had too much wine at thanksgiving and got the giggles,
how you love flowers, plants and your cats (even though you feed them too much),
you dancing up a storm, even in a conga line, at our wedding,
the pure, unadulterated joy when you look at your grandson,
how you only want happiness for those you love, regardless of what that entails,
the pride so easily read in your face at your son's graduation.

there is a magnet on your refridgerator:
live well
laugh much
love often

we will always miss you.
we will always love you.

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