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Month 10

Dear Claire,

Today you are 10 months old. You are getting so big, and wanting to be so independent, you're not going to be my little baby for much longer. You would rather be crawling around, getting into everything and forcing me to re-baby-proof everything.

We are getting ready to go on your first airplane ride tomorrow. Please please please behave. I've been that mom with the screaming baby on an airplane before, and I'd really like not to repeat that experience.

We passed out Halloween candy last night, and everyone loved you. You loved looking at all of the kids in their colorful costumes. Your personality emerges a little more every day, and you are going to be the most wonderful person.

I love you baby.


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Month 9

Dear Claire,

Today you are nine months old. Wow, time does fly by. You are such a happy baby, all smiles all the time for everyone. Until they try to touch you. Then it's shrieking and huge alligator tears.

You have abandoned all baby food in favor of Cheerios. If there are Cheerios around, you really don't want any of that Gerber crap. You love to eat pasta, bread, and pretty much anything you can shove in your mouth before someone swoops in to take it away. You even steal food from your sister's plate!

You still say 'mama' for everything, although you are getting some other sounds as well. You wave bye-bye, but only when you feel like it.

I love you so much it's overwhelming.

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