Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Months

Dear Claire,

Today you are four months old. Your sister wouldn't let me take a picture of you by yourself, so it's a group shot this time.

You still have those crazy blue eyes. I keep waiting for them to change, but they haven't yet. Your dad and I do both have some blue-eyed people in our families, and genetics is a funny thing. But man, are they gorgeous.

This year Easter was a little warmer, and we had the family over on the back deck. You smiled and laughed and made fish-face at everyone.

You were originally going to wear an outfit that coordinated with your sister's, but you spit up all over that about 10 seconds after I put it on you. Happy, I was not.

But you were cute anyways.

You totally have two teeth now. You were feverish and cranky, so I took the day off work to take you to the pediatrician. She looked you over, and declared you to be teething. So your aunt Monica and I went to Target to get you some Oragel, and we stared at the Oragel wall for about ten minutes. Why in the world are there 5,892,734 different kinds of Oragel? We had used Hyland's Teething Drops for your sister, which of course they didn't have. Because of course they didn't.

You love to be sitting up. Whenever you're laying down, you scrunch your little tummy muscles and try to do a sit up. You don't get very far, but you do get ten points for trying. And a gold star, 'cause they're shiny.

Of course you have the little socks that look like shoes. Because you're my kid, and I like to instill the love of shoes pretty darn early. They're kind of like crack, but legal.

Also the love of hockey. You're totally a Caps girl.

But you are beautiful, my little squirmy, drooly, giggly baby girl. And you are loved more then anyone could ever imagine being loved.



16.7 pounds

Monday, April 25, 2011

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