Monday, July 26, 2010

Cutting rugs, the Deck House and shucking oysters.

Dancing in the hallways at the Cotton Exchange, Wilmington, NC.

Ben and Noel.

Outside the Deck House, Carolina Beach, NC.

Shucking oysters, Michael's Seafood, Carolina Beach, NC.

Food's more fun when you have to work for it. Eating oysters at Michael's. (Or at least somebody has to work for it.) And yes, they did give me an oyster knife.

This is what you get when a 2 year old takes your vacation pictures.





Self-portraits: a study.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

This marks the water level after the large hurricanes that came through the area.

Sophie really liked these lobsters.

On the boardwalk down by the sea.

Sophie and Mama rode the carousel and the train at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. There was face painting, which Sophie was all about, until she realized that she would have to let the lady touch her. That was a deal-breaker.

Jungle Junction Arcade and Mini-Golf

Riding the cars while Dad and Ben played with cow udders.

A Sophie-sized golf club.

Ben taking a shot.

Noel's turn!

And we went to the pool, too.

What happens at the beach stays at the beach.

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