Friday, July 28, 2006

10 things to buy on the internet

1- the cutest shoes ever -

2- used textbooks for school -

3- face wash they don't sell at Target anymore -

4- picture books, just for you -

5- candles and votive holders -

6- groceries (who has the time?) -

7- clothes on sale -

8- music -

9- somebody to go to the DMV for you -

10- IT -

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new playlist on the ipod

look at me, educating the masses on popular music.

1- walking dead ~z-trip, featuring chester benningfield (from linkin park)
2- move along ~all american rejects
3- i bet you look good on the dancefloor ~arctic monkeys
4- chocolate ~snow patrol
5- under pressure ~the muse and my chemical romance
6- i turn my camera on ~spoon
7- like eating glass ~bloc party
8- soul meets body ~death cab for cutie
9- evil ~interpol
10- jerk it out ~caesars
11- daft punk is playing at my house ~lcd soundsystem
12- finding out true love is blind ~louis xiv
13- nth degree ~morningwood
14- control ~mute math
15- steady as she goes ~raconteurs
16- so jealous ~tegan and sara
17- the rat ~walkmen
18- hate me ~blue october

take a listen:

Friday, July 21, 2006

birthdays in june and july

thank god i didn't have to buy all ya'll presents.

laura turned 24 again.

dave turned 30 again.

ben turned 30 for the first time.

mike turned 30 for the first time.

chris-ann turned 30 for the first time.

man, all my friends are old.

soccer in mike n maria's yard.

we've gotten pretty good at flip-cup.

i don't know these people. i swear.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ten things everyone should have

ten: two good coffeepots, one at home, one at work

nine: comfort food in the kitchen, ready for whenever you need it

eight: a savings accout, a retirement plan, a credit card, and enough willpower to use it only for emergencies

seven: a fabulous accessory that makes a nice outfit dressy

six: a fabulous accessory that makes a nice outfit a costume

five: a piece of your childhood

four: a car that you drive because it's fun, not for transportation

three: a collection that serves no purpose, holds no value, and is comprised only of things that bring you joy, for no particular reason, that you don't have to explain to anyone

two: a favorite book, dog-eared and love-worn from how many times you've read it

one: a best friend who loves you unconditionally, listens to you with rapt attention even when you're a raving lunatic, comforts you when you're upset, never lies, knows how to keep a secret, never judges you, and always takes your side in an arguement

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blood and Tickets

I try to donate blood as much as I can. For some reason, they usually give you something (I do it for the cookies) - I've gotten a bracelet, several t-shirts large enough to house a family of four, and a random assortment of things that I don't really know what to do with.
But the last time I gave blood (last Friday), I got 2 movie tickets. Score! I thought... finally! something that I will use!
Problem is, the tickets are only for movies that have been in the theater for over two weeks. Now, if a movie is good enough to have been in the theater for over two weeks, and I haven't seen it by then, it's probably because I'm not particularly interested in seeing that movie.
Although, my normal excuse is, "I'm not paying $10 to see that. I'll get it for free on-demand in a few months."
So maybe I will use the tickets. They are free, after all.

Our latest movie adventures: (pics from

The DaVinci Code: Read the book. It's much better. Although I have to say that if the movie stayed true to the book, it would be about ten hours long. And nobody's sitting through that.

Superman Returns: I liked it. I mean, I was never much of a Superman person. The X-Men and Batman are SO much cooler. The power went off in the theater for about ten minutes half an hour in, but they got the generator figured out and we got to see the whole thing. For explanations of power outages, see previous posts about rain and homicidal trees.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest: Not as good as the first one, and I think the whole purpose of the second movie was to set the stage for the third movie. But Orlando Bloom is pretty, Johnny Depp is funny and creative. What else does a movie need? Oh, and we went to see it because we didn't have power at home, and Los gets cranky without air conditioning.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hell Month

I've got a couple of classes to finish up before I start on my master's in the fall. Problem is, summer courses are so damn intense. For the next four weeks, I will have class all night Monday through Saturday. (Saturday!!! I must be a masochist.)
So, please understand that I'm not ignoring anyone, ya'll are still my friends. And I will read all of your forwards and reply to your witty e-mails when I am again able to obtain 6 hours of sleep a night.
And I'll return all of your phone calls from the car on my way to class.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Best of International Soccer

So I've abandoned the World Cup. After watching match after match of horrible reffing, with the team the ref wanted to win winning, the whole thing just turned my stomach. Fair, my ass.

So here's my own little score board. All pics are from

Best of the US:
Brian McBride, forward, #20.
Plays for England's Manchester United.

Best Bald Guy:
Zinedine Zidane, France, midfielder, #10.
Plays for Spain's Real Madrid.

Most Envied Water Bottle:
Michael Ballack, Germany, midfielder, #13.
Plays for Germany's Bayern Munich.

Most Overrated Player:
David Beckham, England, Midfielder, #7.
Plays for Spain's Real Madrid.

Best Man-Stubble:
Ricardo Cabanas, Switzerland, Midfielder, #7.
Plays for Germany's FC Cologne.

Best Press Shot:
Luis Garcia, Spain, forward, #11.
Plays for England's Liverpool.

Best of the Barely Legal (you can't buy him a beer):
Lionel Messi, Argentina, forward, #19.
Plays for Spain's Barcelona.
Just turned 19.

Best of the Barely Legal (but you can buy him a beer):
Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal, forward, #17.
Plays for England's Manchester United.
Just turned 21.

Best Six-Pack on Display:

Although they probably all have one, they're not showin' 'em. :(
Emmanuel Adebayor, Togo, forward, #4.
Plays for England's Arsenal.

Most Interesting Tattoo:

Djibril Cisse, France.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Power-Less 4th of July

As a result of a short, but apparently very windy, thunderstorm, a lot of damage was done to NoVa. We were sitting an hour into Superman Returns when the power in the movie theater went out. Not so bad, after about 10 minutes it came back on and we got to finish it. But when we got home, there was no power.
Luckily, it came back on around 10:30, so the humidity that didn't factor into the thoughts of DC's forefathers when they decided to build a city on a swamp didn't kill us.

-Lots of downed trees. Many blocking streets, taking down power/telephone lines.
-A lot of Ffx County hasn't had power restored. Honestly, some people's power still hasn't been restored from the storm we weathered three days ago.

And the kicker:

Yes, that's my car. And yes, that's a fallen tree about 3 feet away from it. Talk about a Guardian Angel. Whew.

A closer look at the tree that tried to eat my car.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Strange Ailments of the Midtolate-Twenties

At least once a year I am befallen by some strange ailment.

2001- Kidney infection that landed me in the hospital. I would have thought I'd get liver or lung problems before the kidney. And what does a kidney really do, anyhow? Create bile? Who needs that?

2002- Flu. I know this isn't all that abnormal, but it is when you can't hold food down for over a week. Yes, slightly dehydrated.

2003- Fainted due to sunstroke. In the middle of a bar, in the center of all my friends, at the beach. I hadn't even drank anything yet. Just -boom- on the floor, with a healthy crack to the head. They even called an ambulance. On a side note- the paramedic was trying to see if I knew who/where/what I was, and I kept insisting I was 21 (he was looking at my driver's license) and that I was old enough to be in the bar. And of course he was looking at me like I had amnesia, I was 24.

2004- Spider bite on my eyelid. Walked around looking like I'd gotten in a fight for about a week. Not cool.

2005- Broke my foot after tripping down a step and a 2 inch tall welcome mat. Sam Adams pushed me. Went dancing immediately afterwards, then walked around the entire next day telling people I wasn't really hurt, I just needed to walk it off. Got the cast removed just in time for the wedding.

2006- My wisdom tooth decided to suddenly make an appearance. I'm 27, for god's sake. Aren't you supposed to get these in high school??? So half of my face is swollen, it hurts like anything, and I'm not sleeping very well. The best thing that seems to make the pain go away is -get this- Altoids. Man, they really missed a marketing opportunity with this one. Maybe I should write them a letter.

Yay me.
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