Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blood and Tickets

I try to donate blood as much as I can. For some reason, they usually give you something (I do it for the cookies) - I've gotten a bracelet, several t-shirts large enough to house a family of four, and a random assortment of things that I don't really know what to do with.
But the last time I gave blood (last Friday), I got 2 movie tickets. Score! I thought... finally! something that I will use!
Problem is, the tickets are only for movies that have been in the theater for over two weeks. Now, if a movie is good enough to have been in the theater for over two weeks, and I haven't seen it by then, it's probably because I'm not particularly interested in seeing that movie.
Although, my normal excuse is, "I'm not paying $10 to see that. I'll get it for free on-demand in a few months."
So maybe I will use the tickets. They are free, after all.

Our latest movie adventures: (pics from imdb.com)

The DaVinci Code: Read the book. It's much better. Although I have to say that if the movie stayed true to the book, it would be about ten hours long. And nobody's sitting through that.

Superman Returns: I liked it. I mean, I was never much of a Superman person. The X-Men and Batman are SO much cooler. The power went off in the theater for about ten minutes half an hour in, but they got the generator figured out and we got to see the whole thing. For explanations of power outages, see previous posts about rain and homicidal trees.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest: Not as good as the first one, and I think the whole purpose of the second movie was to set the stage for the third movie. But Orlando Bloom is pretty, Johnny Depp is funny and creative. What else does a movie need? Oh, and we went to see it because we didn't have power at home, and Los gets cranky without air conditioning.

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