Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new playlist on the ipod

look at me, educating the masses on popular music.

1- walking dead ~z-trip, featuring chester benningfield (from linkin park)
2- move along ~all american rejects
3- i bet you look good on the dancefloor ~arctic monkeys
4- chocolate ~snow patrol
5- under pressure ~the muse and my chemical romance
6- i turn my camera on ~spoon
7- like eating glass ~bloc party
8- soul meets body ~death cab for cutie
9- evil ~interpol
10- jerk it out ~caesars
11- daft punk is playing at my house ~lcd soundsystem
12- finding out true love is blind ~louis xiv
13- nth degree ~morningwood
14- control ~mute math
15- steady as she goes ~raconteurs
16- so jealous ~tegan and sara
17- the rat ~walkmen
18- hate me ~blue october

take a listen:

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