Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Power-Less 4th of July

As a result of a short, but apparently very windy, thunderstorm, a lot of damage was done to NoVa. We were sitting an hour into Superman Returns when the power in the movie theater went out. Not so bad, after about 10 minutes it came back on and we got to finish it. But when we got home, there was no power.
Luckily, it came back on around 10:30, so the humidity that didn't factor into the thoughts of DC's forefathers when they decided to build a city on a swamp didn't kill us.

-Lots of downed trees. Many blocking streets, taking down power/telephone lines.
-A lot of Ffx County hasn't had power restored. Honestly, some people's power still hasn't been restored from the storm we weathered three days ago.

And the kicker:

Yes, that's my car. And yes, that's a fallen tree about 3 feet away from it. Talk about a Guardian Angel. Whew.

A closer look at the tree that tried to eat my car.

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