Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ten things everyone should have

ten: two good coffeepots, one at home, one at work

nine: comfort food in the kitchen, ready for whenever you need it

eight: a savings accout, a retirement plan, a credit card, and enough willpower to use it only for emergencies

seven: a fabulous accessory that makes a nice outfit dressy

six: a fabulous accessory that makes a nice outfit a costume

five: a piece of your childhood

four: a car that you drive because it's fun, not for transportation

three: a collection that serves no purpose, holds no value, and is comprised only of things that bring you joy, for no particular reason, that you don't have to explain to anyone

two: a favorite book, dog-eared and love-worn from how many times you've read it

one: a best friend who loves you unconditionally, listens to you with rapt attention even when you're a raving lunatic, comforts you when you're upset, never lies, knows how to keep a secret, never judges you, and always takes your side in an arguement

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