Friday, August 11, 2006

update on the bathroom war

for those of you who haven't been to our place in awhile, you may not know about our Bathroom War.
our bigger bathroom (in the hall, not off of the master bedroom) is, well, old and honestly kinda ugly. this is the bathroom that guests use, and is my bathroom.
above the bathtub was a beige colored plastic lining thing. ask anyone who has had to clean said plastic wall covering, it's a royal pain. the floor tile is okay, but not particularly my taste, and whoever did the floor tile didn't really know what they were doing. the vanity is old. and for some reason when i specified what color i wanted Los to paint the bathroom before we moved in, it translated to 'sad, sterile gray' in his brain.
fast forward to last march, early in the month. Los comes home, all excited because he has come upon this very pretty tile (pale blue, glass) and wants to use it in the shower. okay, i'm all for it. he proceeds to rip out the nasty plastic wall protector, and the nasty walls behind it (didn't protect very well).
and left it.
like that.
for months.
until (angels singing in the background) wednesday. i come home from work, and find -ahhh!- progress!!! the tiles have been set into one wall of the shower.

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