Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!!

Here in the DC/NOVA area we've had a record amount of rain. Which shows absolutely no signs of stopping.

Team losses:

I-395 shut down due to mudslide.

GW Parkway had a flash flood and is recovering.

L'Enfant and Federal Triangle metro stations have been taken over by the alligators who used to live in the sewer. They have since been recovered; however, they still smell like the sewer.

The IRS, Federal Archives, Reagan Building, Smithsonian. NOT where I work, but real close. But not close enough for me to stay home and get paid for it.

Hunter Mill Road has been under water for awhile. VA now owes me 35 cents, as the only other route is the damn toll road. Lucky for them I had change floating around in the bottom of my purse.

And of course, this is what the 12th Street Tunnel looked like on Monday morning. Just to give you some sort of dimensions, at it's lowest point the street was under probably six feet of nasty polluted DC rainwater, which probably has more infectious diseases in it than the CDC can count.

A usual advocate of public transportation (not only do I really suck at parallel parking, but I also don't make enough to pay $15 a day for parking) I metro'd it. Only to stop for 10 minutes at each station between Vienna and Metro Station. Which, due to flooding, is the last stop. Federal Triangle was closed. So, I am hiking with my high heels, dry clean only clothes, and my PETA umbrella (spay and neuter your dogs and cats, man. the shelters are full enough already without your horny mutt adding to it.) the 1.2 miles from Metro Center to the building in which I work. In 100% humidity.

Boy, was I late to work.


Amanda said...

Hell yeah Eric's 30.

Don't float away, please?

And, for the record, even I learned how to parallel park....its not that hard!

LinLos said...

I drive a bigger car than you do! And it's much more difficult to find parking here.
So there.

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