Friday, December 29, 2006

rude people

okay, no questions about why i'm reading the best of craig's list for toronto, but this guy's toronto subway rules apply to trains all over the world.

now for my personal metro horror:

on tuesday (yes, the day after christmas), i was walking through the entrance (which is somewhere between 8-9 feet wide, and just to make a point, i am nowhere near being 8-9 feet wide). a girl, about 5-4, maybe 120 pounds, blonde, mid-twenties, shoves me as she walks past.
after regaining my balance, i say "geez."
she turns around, steps right up to me, and yells, "did you say something? you said something to me!"
"well, you pushed me."
"i had to push you because you were in my way."
"you had to push me?"
"if you wouldn't walk so slow you wouldn't be in my way and so i pushed you." (she is now screeching. for some reason, she thinks i did something horribly wrong.)
"and so you pushed me?" turning, i study the 8-9 foot doorway, comparing with my size 8, sometimes a 6, hips. nowhere even close. but now the irate rude person is gone, and i am wondering if she also pushes the elderly, the infirm, small children, people on crutches and new mothers carrying infants.

our society has become filled with inconsiderate, self-obsessed people who go out of their way to be rude to complete strangers.
i hope santa brought her coal for christmas.

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