Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a 400 hp hybrid?

toyota just came out with one. hm. but why do they have to make it look like a spaceship? honestly, people aren't going to be too interested in driving a hybrid that's ugly. although the added power does help. why can't hybrids look like other hot cars?

like these.
the new jaguar c-xf concept car. has a 4.2 liter supercharged v8 capable of over 420 hp.
the new maserati quattroporte with a 6-speed hydrolic automatic transmission (although i consider it cheating - cars like this need to be manual), also has 400 hp 4.2 liter double overhead cam v8.
pics are from the detroit 07 auto show, and more info's http://autoshow.autos.msn.com/autoshow/detroit2007/default.aspx

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