Monday, December 01, 2008

Month 6

Dear Sophie,
Today you are six months old. Happy half-birthday! This month, you started doing all kinds of fun things. You ate food. So far, you've tried bananas, cereal, avocados, peas, sweet potatoes and pears. And the only thing that you like is the sweet potatoes. Everything else you make faces and push back in your chair away from the spoon or just spit it back at me. Fun times! You also sit in a highchair when we go out to eat (and you throw all your toys on the floor), and you sit in the front of the shopping cart when we go shopping.
And juice! Apple juice is your favorite. The bottles are little enough for you to hold, so we just let you have the bottle and you drink little bits at a time.
You were very good at Thanksgiving dinner, sitting in the highchair we got for your Abuelita's house, playing with your toys and eating your sweet potatoes. You were also very good during Black Friday, when you and I went shopping for deals and steals all over town. So you know what everyone is getting for Christmas, but I know you won't tell.
You are getting so big. You laugh and giggle, and talk to your toys. You blow raspberries and stick out your tongue, and when someone puts their hand over your mouth you say 'ahhh' so that your voice reverberates as they move their hand. You are getting better at sitting, but still fall over a lot. You push yourself up when you're on your stomach, and when you are asleep you often roll onto your side or your tummy. You sleep in your crib all the time now. And when you are cranky and want to be held, you make a 'mamamama' noise that makes me smile. You like our dogs, and love it when they lick you. You hate putting your coat on, but 'cha know, it's winter and it's cold and ya gotta wear one.
It's getting pretty busy around our house. Daddy's trying to finish our new house, I'm getting ready for final exams and everyone's getting ready for Christmas and moving and... whew! But we will always take time. We will make time. Because spending time is important, and it makes a big difference. No matter how busy or hectic it gets, we will always make time. I can't wait for you to get bigger, and look forward to new milestones. I can't wait to hear what your voice sounds like, to see you take your first steps, to teach you to do your own laundry. But at the same time I miss those far away days when you were a tiny little thing content to sleep on my chest and who stayed where I put you.
18 pounds, 1 ounce, 26 3/4 inches.
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