Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So there's this kiosk in the hallway of the mall, which sells these ridiculously priced, horribly ugly stuffed animal-pillow-marshmallow things. But they're really soft. One day, when we didn't have the stroller, Sophie ran up to the kiosk and started hugging on one of them. After a horrid tantrum-ey episode, I managed to extricate my child from the grips of the stuffed animal-pillow-marshmallow things, and we were on our way. Every time since then (and people, it's often - not only is it Christmastime but the mall is one of the few places we can go with a small child with a penchant for screaming without attracting undue attention) whenever we pass this kiosk Sophie hollers her head off for the BEEEEEEEE!!!! (No, they're not all bees, but she has a limited vocabulary.)
Sunday she got her bee. And she hasn't stopped smiling yet.
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