Monday, October 25, 2010

Magic House

We went to the Magic House in St. Louis

Crawling down a secret passageway. The Magic House is an old mansion, and one day the residents of the time hired someone to come and wash the windows. The window washer noticed that there was one more window on the outside than on the inside, and asked the owners - who had never counted their windows. For some reason that nobody knows, a section of the house had been walled off and rendered inaccessable - including that extra window.

Sophie loved the model train set.

Driving a Smart Car.

Driving a Recycling Truck with Daddy. And telling Grandma and Grandpa that they need to recycle!

There was a very cool construction site for the kids to play on - put together by the people who do Bob the Builder. Apparently all Sophie really needs is some pvc and some joints and she's happy. We could barely get her out of here!

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