Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Month 3

Dear Claire,

Today you are three months old. This month went by lightning fast. I am now back at work, and you spend your days with your Abuelita and your sister. It amazes me that you have only been with us for three months, and yet it seems as if you have been here all along.

Every day you do something new. You bat at toys, smile at lights, and are just beginning to laugh. You're the ultimate morning person, laughing and smiling within moments of waking up. As if to say, Here I am! Come and pick me up!

You suck on your fingers all the time, and I think you would fit your whole hand into your mouth if you knew how.

You are a big girl, and are nearly grown out of your 3 month clothes. I have to go up in the attic to find Sophie's 6 month clothes to add to the clothes we've bought for you to wear so that I don't have to do laundry all the time.

It's getting warmer, which is great because you absolutely hate being put into winter gear. Coats and hats you can do without. You now tolerate taking a bath, and don't cry the entire time anymore. Sophie and I give you a bath, she helps by getting you towels and washcloths and other things. Everyone who knows you loves you so very much.



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