Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Okay. We all know that all things underwater hold some kind of strange fascination. So, we make the trek to the best place within driving distance to see the underwater, the Baltimore Aquarium. You can find out more about the Baltimore Aquarium at

Australian Freshwater Crocodile. As with all crocks, the depth and temperature of the nests where eggs are laid determines the gender of the babies.

Giant Amazon River Turtle. In the wild, they eat only during the rainy season when the Amazon River floods. Weird.

Parrotfish. Parrotfishes graze on coral, and have the ability to change genders.

A really cool fish that looks like a rock. Sorry, I don't remember it's name. If you do, let me know!

Coral reefs. The second picture (sorry about the quality) shows some great marine worms.

The outside of the aquarium at night.

Another great place to see fish:

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Amanda said...

We saw that place the day after your wedding. ;)

However, since I am not a crazy zookeeper like you....we kept on walking to Camden Yards for the game. :P

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