Saturday, January 31, 2009

Month 8

Dear Sophie,
Today you are eight months old. Eight months is a whole lot of months. This month you hit several milestones. First, you started crawling. You were very hesitant at first, and would screw up your face and make grunting noises because moving your arms forward was just so hard. But now, it's like you've been crawling forever and I have to run just to keep up with you.
You are still a little picky with your food, and are still eschewing the green stuff. But we started giving you the baby food 'meals', and you have developed a tolerance for sweet potato and turkey, and have found a new love in blueberries. You would still rather subsist on Puffs alone, however.
You are still not crazy about the super-nice pricey stroller that you dad and I purchased for you, but for some reason you absolutely adore riding in grocery carts. You're so high up! And there are so many things to see! And groceries are so colorful! And so many people to stare at until they get uncomfortable!
We need to have a serious conversation about the biting thing. It used to be so cute when you would gum my fingers and my chin. But now, now, you have teeth. Lots of them. And it's no longer cute, because it hurts. So if by the time you read these, I only have 9 fingers and a chunk taken out of my face, you will know who's to blame regardless of the crazy story about the rabid werewolves breaking into the house and attacking me.

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