Thursday, April 30, 2009

Month 11

Dear Sophie,
Today, you are eleven months old. Every day that goes by, you develop more and more personality. You make expressions you've never made before. You show, in your own little way, that you understand more and more of what goes on around you. You are becoming less of a bystander and more of a participant in life.
You have started to play with the Vet Center that I got for you before you were even born. You like to stand at the front, and chew on all of the parts. Your favorites are the blood pressure bulb, a toy syringe, and, of course, the little vitamin bottles that I find all over the house.

These past couple of weeks DC had some glimpses of summer weather. It was a shade over 90, and we pulled out the summer clothes and played outside. At first, you didn't really like the grass poking you in your chubby little legs, but after a while you got used to it. We played out in the front yard while your Dad washed the cars, and then we went out to Fairfax Corner to see the kids running in the fountain. We stood at the very edge of the fountain, and you got wet a couple of times. Each time the water spurted up, you squealed with delight.

Oh, and you pulled my hair.

Now you eat pretty much everything. You're still pretty partial to sweet potatoes and squash, although you're pretty much done with the Puffs. Instead, you really like cheese crackers and Crunchies. Some other favorites are blueberry purree, apple juice (in a Sippy, no less!), string cheese and pears.

It's kind of crazy to know that you have been part of our lives for almost a year. An integral part. Nearly everything we do revolves around you. And it's good. I couldn't imagine it any other way.
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