Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Top 10 Best Things about Being Pregnant:
#10: Nobody looks at you funny for eating peanut butter, jelly and mayo sandwiches.
#9: Having 3 chins is considered normal.
#8: People think you're funny when you give the sign of the cross and run away when they try to rub your belly.
#7: Nobody really cares what you wear.
#6: Since you can't reach your legs, you don't have to shave.
#5: Second Lunch.
#4: Most of the time, people give you their seat on the Metro.
#3: Everyone lets you pick the restaurant, and nobody complains about eating Indian food three times a week. (Claire liked the spicy curry, Sophie was a chips and hot salsa baby.)
#2: Shopping for teeny tiny everything.
#1: You're going to have a baby!

The Top 10 Things About Having a Baby:
#10: Everyone wants you to take naps.
#9: The disposable mesh underwear they give you in the hospital.
#8: Maternity leave, although I still wish the US was more like Norway, France, or even Canada.
#7: Coffee. In normal, caffinated quantities.
#6: You can see your feet.
#5: SUSHI.
#4: The meds are nice.
#3: Third trimester insomnia is cured.
#2: So is the gestational diabetes! No more pricking fingertips!
#1: You have a baby!

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