Monday, September 11, 2006

book signing

on saturday, we went to a book signing by brad meltzer for his new book, the book of fate. he's one of my favorite authors, and also signed my copy of the tenth justice. other great books by brad are the zero game, first council, and dead even. i didn't really care for the millionaires that much, and he also writes graphic novels which are out of my scope of interest.
the signing was at wegman's in sterling, and we only waited in line for about half an hour. he was very nice, and seemed like kind of a dork, which i had already assumed. you can't write books that require this much research if you aren't a dork. sorry, brad.
we had only been to the wegman's in fairfax once, but i have to say this grocery store is huge. we ate lunch there from the deli part, which consists of about thirty different counters offering different kinds of food. we both got sandwiches, french fries, and cookies. the problem with grocery stores that are too big though, you think you need everything. which of course you don't. and then it goes bad in your fridge.

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Amanda said...

I love those books! I'm so excited for the new one!

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