Wednesday, September 27, 2006

gray's (caution... spoiler!)

finally had time to watch the dvr'd gray's anatomy. which has been in my top three favorite shows since episode 1 (prison break and lost round out the picture). and some moron scheduled it at on a new day, which happens to coincide with school. idiots.
i liked how they dealt with izzy breaking down because of denny's death. i think it was the perfect expression of a person dealing with the death of someone close. it's not quite that you shut down, your brain never stops. it's that you don't know what to do, so you don't do anything. and nobody else knows what to do either, so they cook and try to talk to you, which doesn't help. sometimes you just need to be.
the whole der/mer thing can't be resolved, otherwise the biggest plotline of the show will be gone. the show needs the conflict there or we wouldn't watch it with bated breath every week. but derick always gets the best lines. he made tad's whole 'throwing his hat in' speech seem pretty weak. and if i were in tad's position, i'd be so pissed that i'd just be done, none if this 'choose' crap. btw, i think it's ironic how addison and mer's personalities are so different. addison is stronger, more forceful, stands on her own, where mer is needy and whiny. complete opposites.
i was slightly disappointed in addison. she had the opportunity to make a big scene with the underwear, instead she chose to be passive agressive and post them on the bulliten board. and speaking of which, didn't those panties seem awful large for mer's tiny little behind? kinda reminded me of the ones in 'road trip'.
george, oh george. how messed up are you? he can only tell the girl that he knows doesn't love him that he loves her, but can't get into the mess of actually having feelings returned. but callie was right, they're all still 17.

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