Tuesday, September 05, 2006


man, i need a vacation from my vacation. here's a recap:

tuesday - flew from virginia to indianapolis, drove 3 hours to decatur. ate at steak'n'shake for lunch, el rodeo for dinner.

wednesday - drove to mattoon, checked out some things for that pesky job, drove back to decatur. ate at monicals after a brief cry that the mongolian garden has gone the way of the dinosaur.

thursday - hung out with the parental units, drove to mattoon, ate at little mexico, went to a meeting, drove back to decatur (nearly ran a horse and buggy off the road), hung out at albright's bar (block's) with mandi and ed.

friday - ate lunch at steak'n'shake, went to my aunt's in bethany, went to torment my baby sister at her place of employment (texas roadhouse for all those who would also enjoy tormenting said baby sister).

saturday - ate lunch at o'charley's with jamie, ryan and austin. jamie is about to pop, she's due december first. played frisbee with my parents (yes, i know) then went to dinner with a different aunt at the international buffet.

sunday - went to my cousin's in cambridge. ate chili at her house, went to see some alpacas, then drove back to decatur and ate at la fontina or something or other.

monday - went to my uncle's fish farm, ate at ruby tuesday's, drove to indianapolis to catch a plane that never left. went to a hotel in indy.

tuesday - (i'm supposed to be home by now) went back to the airport, caught a plane that did leave, went home.

whew. i'm exhausted. and i think i gained at least ten pounds. i think all that we did was eat. who knew there were so many mexican restaurants in illinois???

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