Monday, September 25, 2006

what's your type?

my saturday was devoted to a seminar on the myers-briggs instrument determining personality type. for all who are interested, i am apparently an intj. stereotypically, this means that:
i believe in change for the sake of change, it leads to learning.
i eat, sleep, drink and breathe complexity, competition and love puzzles.
i constantly ask 'why?'.
i perceive the person i view as the most competent as the leader instead of the person with the job title.
i tend to have extreme impatience for people i view as incompetent, and things that i view are a waste of time.
my dirty little secret is that i have a massive internal critic, and i'm always raising the bar.
my challenge is how to cope with never viewing myself as being good enough.

check it out for yourself -

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